RPM Karting School puts you behind the wheel of high performance racing Karts capable of up to 80 km/h. Sitting a mere two inches above the ground, pulling over high G-Force you’ll hone your craft on Lebanon’s most unique and challenging Karting circuit.

Our expert karting instructors will take you through all the fundamentals of kart racing, including proper seat and hand position, throttle and braking techniques, and much, much more! Whether you’re looking to launch a brand new racing career or you’re craving an excuse to let loose and taste a little adrenaline-fueled fun, this individualized course can be customized to suit drivers of all abilities and skill sets, giving you a comprehensive foundation in the basics of professional Kart racing.

Package Options:
– One on One or by Group.
– Age: Starting 7 Years Old.
– 45 Minutes each session.
– Certificate After 10 Sessions.
– 28 USD / Session (Age 7 to 12)  5 Hp Kart
– 35 USD / Session (Age 12+)       7 Hp Kart
– 50 USD / Session (Age 18+)       9 Hp Kart